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Prepar3D v2 User-Submitted Screenshot Gallery:
  • Our Prepar3D forum users have a great eye for showcasing the flexibility and power of Prepar3D v2
  • If you have screenshots you’d like to share, please visit our Screenshot Forum and send a link to your post to enquiries@prepar3d.com
  • Our website operations team will review submittals and your screenshots could end up here on Prepar3D.com!
Prepar3D v2.2 New Feature – Cloud Shadows:
  • The all-new DirectX 11 rendering engine in Prepar3D v2 continues to be updated with immersive new features
  • Cloud shadows has been implemented in Prepar3D v2.2 and adds to the level of fidelity of simulation and training
  • If you have cloud shadows screenshots you’d like to share follow the submittal instructions above
New Features Available in Prepar3D v2:
  • An all-new, modern DirectX 11 rendering engine that can take advantage of modern day graphics cards
  • SimDirector – a brand new, modern training scenario generation tool suite
  • The introduction of a new Professional Plus version of Prepar3D for military training
Prepar3D v2 Features a New Fully Windows 7 and 8 Compatible User Interface:
  • Get started training right away with the new Scenario Startup screen
  • Enjoy additional settings and controls over performance and rendering
  • Quickly browse and access your vehicles with the new 3D preview

Prepar3D v2 Content and Developer Showcase – Orbx FTX Global Base Pack:

  • Orbx Simulation Systems – fullterrain.com
  • Total upgrade of your Prepar3D base world texture set – the entire globe re-imagined
  • New ground and autogen textures, 3D night lighting system, and more!
  • For more information, visit the FTX Global Product Page

Prepar3D v2 Content and Developer Showcase – Orbx FTX Northern California Terrain Region:

  • Orbx Simulation Systems – FTX Terrain
  • ~115,000 sq mi reaching from Oregon’s Klamath Basin south to Monterey Bay and east across the Sierra Nevada mountains to Lake Tahoe and Mammoth Basin
  • All major roads, railroads, rivers, lakes, powerlines, windfarms and vertical obstructions are included for accurate VFR flying
  • For more information, visit the FTX NA Gold Northern California Product Page
Prepar3D Partner Software Showcase:
  • Orbx Simulation Systems – FTX Terrain
  • For commercial customers, Orbx is releasing special versions of their FTX terrain regions and airports for Prepar3D
  • 128,464 square miles of hand-crafted Orbx FTX Terrain
  • To download the demo, visit the Orbx FTX PNW Prepar3D Demo Page

Prepar3D Partner Software Showcase:

Prepar3D Partner Software Showcase:

Fully Backwards Compatible with your Favorite FSX and ESP Addons: