fsAerodata is the first product for flight simulation that enables a global update of the built-in default aeronautical database in Prepar3D to current real world conditions. Updates follow regular 28-day AIRAC cycles. The fsAerodata service includes an update of every documented navigational aid, airways, airspace and airport approaches, including SIDs and STARs.

If you want to flight real world approaches, execute realistic world routes, have all latest data on navigation map or use a default GPS/FMS with a full simulator database, then fsAerodata is your choice.

Source data is supplied by Navigraph and is compiled and converted every AIRAC cycle. Every 28 days a new dataset is ready in fsAeroData for download and installation into your flight simulator. fsAerodata updates the default Prepar3D database. An active subscription with Navigraph is required.

fsAerodata features a worldwide update of Prepar3D aeronautical database including the following elements:

  • Instrument Approaches, including SIDs and STARs procedures.
  • Airways Routes, including High and Low altitude airways.
  • Airspace (for current coverage see fsAerodata website)
  • Access to SIDs & STARs procedures on default GPS navigation unit.
  • Navaids: VORs, DME, NDB, TACAN, ILS, En route and Terminal Waypoints, (update identification IDs, frequency, coordinates, magnetic variation, deactivation of obsolete navaids).
  • Update of Runway designators.
  • Update of Airport Names and ICAO identifiers.
  • Simulation of TACAN facilities.
  • Update of Airport Comm Frequencies.

For more information about fsAerodata please visit: