A Sophisticated iPad Operator Station for Flight Simmers!

ORLANDO, FL. – June 2020 – SimControlX Pro enhances your flight simulator experience unlike any other app on the market. SimControlX Pro is the perfect in-flight companion that helps you focus on the flying without having to navigate tedious simulator menus for routine tasks. SimControlX Pro can be easily installed on your existing iPad and provides a worldwide moving map with US IFR chart overlays along with control over weather, scenarios, repositioning, aircraft system failures and many other features within Prepar3D v5. All of this is achieved over a wireless connection to the simulator using custom server software, allowing solo pilots and instructors to set up their simulator in-flight without getting out of their seats.

Key Features for SimControlX Pro include:
• Quick and easy connection to the simulator over WiFi.
• Worldwide moving map screen with US IFR chart overlays & flight path tracing.
• Instant repositioning of aircraft with searchable airport database.
• Change aircraft and paint schemes instantly.
• Set detailed weather with options for custom settings or real world location-based METAR.
• Flight playback and KML export for review purposes.
• AI traffic display on moving map.
• Remote simulator shutdown and reboot.
• Fuel top off and battery recharge at the click of a button.
• Dedicated failures page for instruments, systems, and engine malfunctions.
• Set simulator date and time of day.

This app will make your flying experience even more fun by alleviating many of the common complaints, distractions, and tasks that require interrupting your flight to navigate through multiple computer screens. Once you use SimControlX Pro, you’ll wonder how you ever flew without it.

At-home simmers can use SimControlX’s “Home” version by buying the app for $19.99 from the App Store and getting the freely downloadable server from here. The home version offers more limited features (see comparison matrix here), but is available at the cheaper cost for personal use.

Users looking for all the above-listed powerful features or those with commercial use-cases can upgrade the “Home” software to SimControlX Pro by purchasing a license here.

Please contact support@simcontrolx.com for additional information or assistance.

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